Leister Unifloor 500

  • Reliable due to automatic nozzle positioning
  • Transportation bar for a user-friendly handling
  • Fast clamping of all common weld rod rolls
  • Quiet and low-maintenance brushless motors
  • Secure due to the automatic wall stop


Leister’s reliable, automatic floor welder, UNIFLOOR 500, is a fresh and reimagined version of the proven UNIFLOOR E/S models.
It is suitable for welding the joints in resilient floor coverings made of plastic such as PVC, CV, PUR, antistatic ESD floors, as well as for sealing the joints in natural coverings made of linoleum and rubber.
Thanks to its sophisticated design and the Automatic Nozzle Positioning (ANP) developed by Leister, the UNIFLOOR 500s hot air blower can be automatically rotated in and out by pressing the start button.
The hot-air blower also rotates out automatically when obstacles are touched, e.g. if the hot-air blower comes into contact with a wall, which almost completely eliminates damage to the flooring. This makes the UNIFLOOR 500 a particularly innovative and reliable automatic welding machine. When designing the UNIFLOOR 500, the focus was not only on technical requirements but also on user-friendliness.
For this reason, the automatic welding machine has a guide rod and smooth transportation wheels, so that it can be moved effortlessly from seam to seam. This pays off especially when laying elastic and antistatic floor coverings in large buildings such as schools and hospitals. Leister’s automatic floor welding machine is also very well suited for laying particularly large and durable industrial floors.
Like the majority of Leister’s automatic welding machines, stationary welders and heat guns, the UNIFLOOR 500 always has a brushless drive and blower motor, which makes it particularly durable and quiet. When the tools is in the rest position, the air volume of the hot-air blower is automatically reduced, lowering noise emissions to a minimum.
The three parameters required for correct welding, temperature, speed and air volume, are clearly shown on the display and are easy to set. Different welding rod diameters such as 5 mm, 4 mm and 3 mm were also taken into account in the development of this floor welding machine. This is because the contact pressure of the pressure roller can be regulated with an adjusting screw.
In addition, the pressure roller can be folded up, allowing the welding rod to be inserted easily and without tilting the UNIFLOOR 500. An additional flap attached to the pressure roller reduces the amount of preheating air for reliable grouting of natural linoleum and rubber floor coverings.
The welding rod roll holder has been optimized in comparison to the predecessor models, UNIFLOOR E/S. This enables it to be quickly and easily attached with a screw. Thus, all common welding rod rolls or welding rod spools on the market can be optimally positioned on the holder. In addition, a side cutter has been integrated into the transport axis, so users always have the right tool on hand to cut the welding rod at the end of the joint.
All these advantages make the UNIFLOOR 500 a practical automatic welding machine that is perfectly suited for professional floor installations. In addition, the joints in the respective coverings are waterproof and germ-free, as well as quickly and effectively welded or grouted, depending on the requirements.
  • Reliable due to automatic nozzle positioning
  • Transportation bar for a user-friendly handling
  • Fast clamping of all common weld rod rolls
  • Quiet and low-maintenance brush-less motors
  • Secure due to the automatic wall stop

Leister Unifloor 500 Automatic Flooring Welder

Leister Unifloor 500 Automatic Welder

Leister Unifloor 500 Nozzle Alignment

Leister Unifloor 500 BrochureLeister Flooring Plastic Welding Brochure

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