Drader Injectiweld Accessories

Scraping Blades

Drader’s metal scrapers and etchers can increase the strength of a weld by decreasing stress points. Two designs of Scraping Blades are available to enable an operator in pre- and post-welding procedures.


Air Filter

Injectiweld Air Filter function is essential for clean, dry air and for keeping airborne articles from contaminating the welder. To operate the Injectiweld Air Filter:

  1. Plug the welder into your air supply and press the button on the filter to blow out the excess water or oil in your air.
  2. Blow down before pressing the trigger to weld.
  3. Keep button pressed until air looks clean coming from the filter.
  4. If your air supply makes a lot of water, continue blow down procedure periodically during the shift.

Inter-Changeable Welding Tips

All Drader Injectiweld welding tips are made of brass, with the exception of Blank Tip which is made of aluminum. The type of plastic weld will determine your tip choice. See the description below to select the right tip for your needs.

Drader Injectiweld Weld Tips
# Description Item ID Main Usage
1 Blank Tip ITIP-2BL-5.5 Custom tips; design your own for your special application
2 Prototyping Tip ITIP-2PR Prototyping, repairs, filling holes, spot welding tight areas
3 Repair Tip ITIP-2RP Repairs, filling holes, spot welding tight areas, prototyping
4 Bull-Nose Tip ITIP-2BN Repairs, filling larger holes, filling larger voids
5 3/16” Legacy Fillet Weld Tip ITIP-2F6LEGACY 90º fillet welds, butt welds, repairs
6 1/4” Fillet Weld Tip ITIP-2F4 90º fillet welds, butt welds, repairs
7 3/8” Fillet Weld Tip ITIP-2F8 90º fillet welds, butt welds, repairs
8 1/2” Fillet Weld Tip ITIP-2F5 90º fillet welds, butt welds, repairs
9 5/8” Ribbon Weld Tip ITIP-2RW Sealing; re-enforcement; non-pressure welds
10 3/16″ Fillet Weld Tip ITIP-2F6 90º fillet welds, butt welds, repairs

Types of Plastic Welds

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