Selecting the Correct Welding Tip

The Drader Injectiweld Plastic Welding Kit offers ease of use and strong welds, but also versatility with its wide Welding Tip selection. For a smooth, quality weld, the right welding tip makes all the difference.…
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Welding of Pipes and Pipelines

Extruders and hot-air hand tools from Leister weld and connect HDPE pipes in all sizes permanently and safely – from sewage pipes to pipelines several kilometers long. The expertise here clearly lies in the permanent…
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Boat Construction and Repair

Thanks to the large selection of hand-held extruders, welding machines and heat guns, manufacturing and repairing plastic boats, inflatable boats, ballasts and freshwater tanks made from foil membrane can be done with ease. Depending on…
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Membrane Welding for Landfills and Mining

For landfills and mines, the quality of the sealing system is top priority, since the presence of leaks can have fatal consequences. When it comes to constructing landfills and mines, the sealing system is the…
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Resilient Flooring Installation

Flexible PVC or linoleum flooring can be used virtually anywhere, from buildings to trains. In order to ensure that these floor coverings are durable and meet all legal standards/requirements, the exact laying procedure must be…
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