Geo-Civil Engineering

Welding geo-membranes efficiently and effectively is critical to ensuring a leak-free system. In civil engineering projects such as large ponds, landfill and tunnel construction, the quality of the welded seam is dependent on both the right choice of material as well as the correct welding equipment used. From automatic welders, extrusion welders to hot air hand tools, our experienced team can support you with the right tool for your next project.

Our Plastic Welding Specialists Will

  • Discuss your project application
  • Recommend the correct welding equipment that is fit for purpose
  • Supply the equipment
  • Conduct operational training
  • Provide on-going technical advice, spare parts & accessories
  • Provide authorized service & repairs for all Leister products

We want to ensure that we continue to support all our customers for the long haul and are proud to be able to offer our customers a turn-key experience from discussing a simple project idea right through to supplying and servicing a reliable Leister product.

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