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Pressing pipe is routine work for plumbers and other tradesmen these days. When compared with more traditional solder and screwed methods, press tools can make our work more efficient by speeding up productivity without sacrificing quality due to the very secure and watertight connection between joints on pipes.

There are many quality press tools available on the market. So how do you work out which press tool is the right one for you? Please read on for some helpful tips when searching for the right press tool.

With different pipework systems on the market, selecting the right pipe type is important. Pipe standards dictate the manufacturing process, pipe dimensions and wall thickness, all of which are hugely important in selecting the right pressing jaws.

To press a joint onto pipework systems, you’ll need a set of compatible jaws as different pipe and fitting manufacturers use different jaw profiles. Jaw profiles are manufactured to suit certain pipe dimensions. The jaws have a set of ridges inside the profile that presses down on the sleeve to get a watertight joint.

What is the pressing tool strength of the tool? Most press tool manufacturers have a smaller and larger model that offers different strength of the hydraulic press. Typically, the bigger the press tool results in a bigger hydraulic press. Compact press tools usually press up to 28/32mm pipes, while larger press tools press up to 108/110mm pipes.

Below is a range of quality press tools available on the market that we support with service and spare parts:

Ridgid Press Tools

Kembla Kempress Press Tools

Novopress Press Tools

Milwaukee Press Tools

Geberit Press Tools

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