Production Balance Arms

The EasyArm series of articulated balance arm solutions is designed to support and balance the weight of any tool or device up to 30 Kg.
The structure, built entirely of aircraft aluminum, ensures high fluidity of movement, keep the tool in the correct positions, and absorb couples / torsion due to the machining.

There are many combinations that can be realized by choosing between different fastening systems, locking the arm in any position, work areas and accessories.
The use of the articulated arm balanced prevents fatigue of the operator thereby ensuring greater occupational health, safety and productivity.

Easyarm also offers a complete line of heads for fixing tools or devices that can be selected according to the type of machining to be performed. The new line of revolving orbital attachments offers maximum versatility of choice with the advantage of being able to position the tool both upwards and downwards according to the work area to be reached.

Please get in touch with our friendly team to determine the suitable EasyArm for your application.