Leister Geostar G5

  • Large areas welded quickly
  • Closed-loop technology
  • Excellent welding performance


Leister’s GEOSTAR G5 is a maintenance-friendly, hot-wedge welding machine, optimized for underground engineering. The GEOSTAR G5 automatic welder has a sophisticated design, consisting of a robust, aluminum frame that withstands challenging circumstances. The integrated clamp and handle lock guarantees simple, ergonomic, single-handed operation on the job site. At welding speeds up to 12 m/min (39.37 ft/min), the GOESTAR G5 welds large areas effortlessly.
The hot wedge can be changed in less than one minute. Additionally, the GEOSTAR G5 can weld various geomembranes made of HD-PE, PP, LD-PE, TPO, FPO, PVC-P, CSPE and EIA with material thickness from 0.8 to 3 mm (30 to 120 mil) are welded effortlessly and safely. GEOSTAR G5 is ideal for welding geomembranes in landfills, mines and water reservoirs.
  • Large areas welded quickly
  • Innovative closed-loop technology
  • Includes Geostar storage box
  • Excellent welding performance

Leister Geostar G5 Automatic Welder

Leister Geostar G5 (Membrane Welding in Mexico)

Leister Geostar (Adjusting Contact System)

Leister Geostar G5 / G7 BrochureLeister Geostar G5 / G7 Operating InstructionsLeister Geo-Civil Engineering Plastic Welding Brochure

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