Welding of Pipes and Pipelines

Extruders and hot-air hand tools from Leister weld and connect HDPE pipes in all sizes permanently and safely – from sewage pipes to pipelines several kilometers long.

The expertise here clearly lies in the permanent and reliable welding of plastic elements with hand extruders from Leister. Because these pipes and tanks carry liquids and gases, they must be protected from external damage and welded tightly so that they do not leak.

Corrugated and wound tubes

Corrugated pipes and wound pipes are usually made of PP or HDPE. Both pipe types have a high temperature resistance, are corrosion-free and withstand static pressure well. They are used in various industries, with coiled tubing more suited to large volume containers.

The material HDPE, of which both corrugated and wound tubes are made, can be used for storage tanks and transport pipes for liquids – drinking water and chemical substances – in apparatus and tank construction thanks to its properties. The prefabricated individual parts are joined permanently and tightly together with hand extruders from Leister.

Jacket pipes

The foam-insulated and plastic-coated steel pipes are often used as transport pipes for liquids and gases such as water, oil and chemicals.

Insulation is particularly important for district heating transfer. The jacket pipes offer additional space in the insulation for line pipes with heating cables and for leak detection wires. Extruders from Leister are used in particular to connect Y-junctions and bends with the main pipes.

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