Selecting the Correct Welding Tip

The Drader Injectiweld Plastic Welding Kit offers ease of use and strong welds, but also versatility with its wide Welding Tip selection.

For a smooth, quality weld, the right welding tip makes all the difference. All Drader Injectiweld Plastic Welder welding tips are made of brass, with the exception of Blank Tip #1, which is made of aluminum.

The Drader Injectiweld Plastic Welding Kit comes with two tips: Repair tip (tip #3 in the image above) and the 3/16” Fillet Weld tip (tip #5). Both brass tips are versatile and can provide the operator with numerous types of welds. Check out our selection of tips used for various applications.

The type of plastic weld will determine your tip choice.

# Description Item ID Main Usage
1 Blank Tip ITIP-2BL-5.5 Custom tips; design your own for your special application
2 Prototyping Tip ITIP-2PR Prototyping, repairs, filling holes, spot welding tight areas
3 Repair Tip ITIP-2RP Repairs, filling holes, spot welding tight areas, prototyping
4 Bull-Nose Tip ITIP-2BN Repairs, filling larger holes, filling larger voids
5 3/16” Legacy Fillet Weld Tip ITIP-2F6LEGACY 90º fillet welds, butt welds, repairs
6 1/4” Fillet Weld Tip ITIP-2F4 90º fillet welds, butt welds, repairs
7 3/8” Fillet Weld Tip ITIP-2F8 90º fillet welds, butt welds, repairs
8 1/2” Fillet Weld Tip ITIP-2F5 90º fillet welds, butt welds, repairs
9 5/8” Ribbon Weld Tip ITIP-2RW Sealing; re-enforcement; non-pressure welds
10 3/16″ Fillet Weld Tip ITIP-2F6 90º fillet welds, butt welds, repairs

Types of Plastic Welds

Fillet Welds
Fillet tips are used mainly for fillet welds [90º] and butt welds. Welders can use the Fillet tip to weld from inside corners out and are able to seal corners without changing tip style. Fillet tips can also be used for crack repairs, as long as the crack is somewhat straight. The longer preheat section allows faster welding speed than welding cracks with the conical tip.

Ribbon Weld Tip
The Ribbon weld tip is used to make a seam weld on thermoplastic materials, such as belting and thin sheets. Because this welding tip does not weld down to the root side, it should not be used for regular butt welds.

Repair Tip, Bull-nose Tip, Prototyping Tip
Repair tips are used for crack repairs, filling small holes, spot welding, for reaching tight areas, and for prototyping. Because of their conical shape, they all offer similar types of welds. The Bull-Nose tip is used to repair larger holes. Choose the size that best suits your application.

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