Drader Injectiweld Welding System


The Drader Injectiweld is a hand-held plastic welding fabrication kit and repair system known worldwide for its ease of use and strong welds. Unlike hot air plastic welders, The Drader Injectiweld is an injection plastic welder that uses radiant heat from a heated weld tip or nozzle and injects molten plastic weld rod below the surface of the parent plastic to form very strong welds. Independent tests show these welds are extremely strong and durable.

The Drader Injectiweld has interchangeable tips and an automatic weld rod feed system that enables a person to use the welder with one hand. The welding rod is automatically drawn into the gun by a set of rod driver wheels and fed into the connecting tube where it is nipped off, packed into the barrel and melted.

Please refer to the Compatible Plastics Guide under the Downloads tab for further information on plastics that can be welded by the Drader Injectiweld.

Features & Benefits:

  • Compact, single-handed use
  • Easy to operate
  • Very strong quality welds
  • Interchangeable tips & nozzles
  • Welding rod is automatically drawn into the welder
  • Scraping off surface oxidation is not required
  • Uses radiant heat to thermally bond most types of plastics (no hot air or gas)
  • Long list of thermoplastics can be welded including: PP, PE, ABS, POLYSTYRENE, POLYAMIDE, POLYCARBONATE

Examples of suitable applications & uses:

  • City Councils (repair wheelie bins, traffic/ construction plastic barriers)
  • Vehicle Repairers (plastic weld car, truck, motorbike plastic bumper bars & plastic components)
  • Plastic Fabricators (manufacture & repair cracked water tanks, piping, milk & bread crates)
  • Fruit Growers & Farmers (repair spraying equipment, feed troughs, fruit storage crates)
  • Grain Industry (repair plastic grain feed bags & silo)
  • Rotor-molders (manufacture & repair poly-pipes, water tanks, transport cases & crates)
  • Wine Makers (repair storage case & plastic crates)

The Drader Injectiweld Plastic Welding System includes the following:

  • Drader Injectiweld Welding Gun (Model W30000)
  • Barrel Washer
  • 3/16″ Fillet Weld Tip
  • Repair Tip
  • Tip Nut Wrench
  • Tip Nut
  • Scraping Blade
  • Stick Scraper
  • Air Filter Assembly
  • Screw Driver
  • 4AMP Fuse
  • 2AMP Fuse
  • Heat Transfer Compound
  • Quick Manual
  • Carrying Case

Setting Up The Drader Injectiweld

Changing Weld Tips on the Drader Injectiweld

Feeding Welding Material into the Drader Injectiweld

Features and BenefitsInstruction ManualProduct BrochureCompatible Plastics GuideWelding Tips

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